BarTender® Software for Retail Labeling and RFID

From the day in 1974 that the first UPC barcode was scanned at a supermarket checkout line, the Auto-ID and retail industries have been partners in innovation. From that simple 1D symbology for point-of-sale data capture, the collaboration between the industries has grown tremendously — the latest barcode and RFID technologies run the entire retail value chain, providing new ways for the retail industry to do business.

Today’s retail environment is more competitive than ever: According to Dun and Bradstreet, the retail sector accounts for 13.6% of annual business failures globally, and only 47% of new retail businesses are still in operation four years after start-up. The retail businesses that succeed depend on unprecedented levels of data accuracy and process agility. Their omnichannel strategies are built on the in-store and supply chain efficiencies that Auto-ID technology delivers.

A well-deployed labeling, barcoding or RFID solution gives retail businesses the tools they need to keep up with rapidly evolving standards, technologies and business-to-business interoperability requirements.

BarTender is the heart of your retail labeling solution

BarTender software is designed to meet the retail industry’s increasing demands for a lean, efficient supply chain. BarTender’s labeling, barcoding, RFID encoding and plastic card printing provides the foundation for accurate data management throughout the retail environment: e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and omnichannel; POS, front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house. With its powerful design tools and unrivaled printer compatibility, BarTender supports the industry’s diverse label and card printing needs, including:

  • Shipping labels
  • WIP labeling
  • Shelf labels
  • Warehouse and logistics labeling
  • Quality labels
  • Promotional labeling
  • Membership cards

The retail industry chooses BarTender for its reliability, scalability and built-in standards, all backed with a deep understanding of the industry’s need for data accuracy, systems efficiency and process agility. BarTender’s forms-based interface makes it easy for associates to learn and use, whether in the front of the house, back of the house or warehouse.

Download the free 30-day BarTender Trial Edition to see for yourself or contact us to learn more.


Seamless integration with ERP, SCM, PLM and WMS systems enables automation throughout the enterprise and single-source-of-truth data management, providing consistent and agile printing of inventory and pricing data.

Control and compliance

BarTender allows you to easily and securely use accurate pricing and inventory information with printers throughout your system’s network, whether desktop, mobile, card or RFID.

The centralized control in BarTender’s Enterprise Automation Edition allows you to consolidate management of your system’s labeling processes and workflows, deploying the business rules and process controls that enable inventory synchronization — tie the barcodes and RFID tags at the pallet, case or product level to a single data source, providing deep visibility into the supply chain and labeled price integrity.


The growth of omnichannel retailing has signaled a move away from forecast-based inventory fulfillment, and toward demand-based fulfillment. The ability to rapidly react to fluctuations in supply and demand dynamics and inventory turns can reduce costs. BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™ offer the agility to perform and immediately deploy design, data and format changes throughout the enterprise.

BarTender includes preformatted, ready-to-use standards-based barcode components that enable global trade, including the BarTender GS1 Application Identifier Wizard for reliable and compliant GS1 coding. With BarTender, encoding RFID is as simple as creating a barcode, with support for all EPC data formats.

Which BarTender is right for you?

Select an edition below to learn more, or download the free 30-day trial to explore all of BarTender’s features and see how it can solve your toughest needs for labeling, barcoding and more. Or contact us to learn more about why BarTender is the most trusted software of its kind.


Basic Edition

Professional Edition


Basic のすべての機能および以下の追加機能

  • ラベル、カード、磁気ストライプ カードなどのデザインおよび印刷
  • あらゆるプリンタまたはマーキング デバイスに合わせた印刷速度の最適化
  • データ検証が可能で、キーボードやバーコード スキャナからの印刷時入力を受け入れるデータ入力フォームのデザイン

PC ごとのライセンス

  • CSV ファイル、データベース、および Excel からのデータ読み取り印刷するレコードの容易な検索と選択
  • RFID ラベルのエンコード

PC ごとのライセンス


Automation Edition

Enterprise Automation Edition

Professional のすべての機能および以下の追加機能

Automation のすべての機能および以下の追加機能

  • データ トランザクションと SDK 要求に応じて、あらゆる OS、システムまたはデバイスから自動的に印刷
  • Intelligent TemplatesTM を使用したデザインでメンテナンスを削減
  • ユーザーとグループの役割で、印刷環境を保護
  • 現在の印刷ステータスとシステム使用状況の詳細な履歴の監視


  • Web サービス API または TCP/IP 通信に応じて自動的に印刷
  • SAP および Oracle との統合
  • 一元的なシステム管理、ブラウザでホストされる印刷、リビジョン管理付きの一元的なテンプレート保管、電子署名のサポート、完全な SDK 管理、スマート カード エンコードなどを活用


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BarTender Overview

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「使いやすく強力な Intelligent Templates™ とあらゆる ERP システムや安全性データ シート オーサリングおよび管理システムと統合できる機能を備えた BarTender は、当社の化学関連のすべてのお客様に関して、GHS 対応ラベル作成に関連する統合と課題を解決してくれる、頼りになるソフトウェア製品です。」
—Rick Schilling, President, Integrated Productivity Systems (IPSi)